King Hornet 1:5 Scale Brushless RC Buggy

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Just a couple quick first runs - 1 new and 1 with MT tires. Ordered from Australia $600 - shipping cost was painful though - but very fast stock setup - combination of redcat dunerunner (wheels and aluminum parts) along with XB chassis length and spoiler. Cool body if you like bees. Monster tires a must for sand dunes we plan to run on. You can see how bouncy the MT tires are in this first run video - now completely fixed and runs much better - punch vent holes in tires and take out foam inserts for less bounce and better traction, especially on sand. Tires are so thick and sidewalls so tough, the foam is overkill, and I'm a huge fan of foam normally. Love this car, but as others have said, HSP servos (redcat in US) tend to break or burn up - I've gone through 2 so far in 6 runs of my 5th scale cars (one on my dunerunner, one on this buggy).
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