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www.RCSparks.com - SUBSCRIBE! Do it NOW! https This is the 300th Episode of the RC ADVENTURES show, and I must say I am honoured to know that more than 300 Episodes have been enjoyed by our viewers. Simply Spectacular. This is the VERY FIRST TIME I have edited a collage of "Mish-MASH" up of a lot of my favourite RC ADVENTURES.. really showcasing the EXTREME Adventure is has been to bring you more than 24 CONTINUOUS hours of RC ADVENTURES! I wanted to do something special for all of my viewers.. and really show how much AMAZING FUN can be had by YOU if you just get yourself out there and grab a rig! Lots of folks are interested in this dynamic hobby and I encourage everyone to try it at least Once in their lives. Whats better than SMILING?! Thats what this hobby does for you! Racing, Flying Bashing, Drifting, Floating, Soaring, Building, Fixing... Radio Control Madness A Special thanks goes out to "Sneaker&the Dryer / Kick iT Recordings" www.KickitRecordings.com - they allowed me to use this incredibly GREAT song that took this project to the NEXT LEVEL!! Check out their website for some kickin' tunes and great BEATZ! THE TRACK IN THE VIDEO WAS: Lupo - Star Raging Havoc(Access Denied Remix). This video is a complilation of videos I have filmed in the last 3 years, and another thanks needs to go to all the folks that help make my show possible. All of the Calgary Crawler Krew, the Rude Boyz RC Crew, Red Road Airport, RobscoRC, and of course - my beautiful wife JEM.. for ...
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