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Part 2 of my collection video at the end of 2016 holds many wonders and Radio Controlled delight. In this film I talk about refreshing your RC with a new body, my Monster Trucks, My construction RC equipment, as well as some of my larger RC machines.

Common questions have been:

Q) How many RC Vehicles do you have?
A) I estimate about 150-160. Its changing all the time

Q) What is the value of each rig?
A) I don't own any stock rigs anymore. Most of them are heavily upgraded. Approximately $900 (averaged out over 150-160 RC's of various value, when they are Brand New) (CAD value) This does not include all of the repair parts, or maintenance tools/supplies to keep them up to date and functional.

Q) How long have you been making RC Adventures, or Collecting RCs?
A) for 8 years on YouTube. I have enjoyed RC's since I was a young kid though. About 6 years old and my Dad brought home a Nikko.

Q) How much is the RC Skid Steer worth?
A) A Lot... haha ;) Its a pretty big machine and is certainly the heaviest, and most dangerous RC I have. I have to always remind myself that its not a toy, but a machine for serious work... Lol!

Q) What is your Favourite RC?
A) Any RC that can make me smile that particular day!

Q) Should I get into RC?
A) Simple Answer: YES, of course. RC is more then a hobby. It's an opportunity to meet friends and new family. Its a great way to challenge your mind - and to exercise. Get outside and have fun with RC!

Q) Are these every RC you have ever had?
A) All of these RC have been used in the creation of my show, RC ADVENTURES, on YouTube since 2009. I do not have all of my rigs, as they have worn out, or were given away to friends. I do not sell any rigs, or RC equipment.

Q) What do you do for a Job?!
A) I run the RCSparks Studio, and I am a full time YouTube film producer. I have been a full time producer for 5 years.

Q) How did you reach the value of your collection?
A) The value I have put on my collection, would have been at full purchasing price, new product. It is also valued in Canadian currency.

I am making an announcement coming early, about some of the changes that are about to happen on the channel. I believe it will all be for the good :)

Part 1, in case you missed it:

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