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I've been flying Paragliders for a while and always wondered what it would be like to build and fly an RC full-size full-scale drone paraglider thing, so this was the time to do it!

It's a pretty simple construction but after a few techniques were ironed out it worked surprisingly well!

#paragliding #rc #drone

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== Gear we use for these videos ==
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Panasonic G80

Panasonic 12-60mm f3.5 lens

Panasonic 45-200mm f4.0 lens

Manfrotto 190Go tripod

Mandrotto fluid head MVH500AH

Rode VideoMicro

DJI Osmo X3

SanDisk Extreme 64Gb micro Sd card

Smallrig Ballhead Arm V4

Osmo Remote Extension

Movo PM10 lavalier mic
RC Stíhačky

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