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One of the most glaring unrealistic errors we face with all of our flight simulators is ground handling. Taxing a commercial jet is NOT done with rudder pedals or twist grips. These metal birds taxi along the pavement with a very unique steering mechanism, the nose wheel tiller. Introducing the CAT3 Designs, Airbus Nose Wheel Tiller. This addon is a simple PLUG and PLAY USB adapted piece of hardware. It is compatible with P3D, MSFS FBW A32NX, and X-plane 11. This model replicates the exact tiller found in Airbus aircraft, however it can be used with a variety of other aircraft in your sim depending if they support nose wheel tiller axis. I can confirm it does indeed work with the Felis 747 and A340-600 as well as many others. Don't let the "simulation" start only when you have left the ground, start it from the gate.

Shout out to Nobby of Cat3 Design for sending me this product and to all those involved with Cat3Design.

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**note the content herein is provided for simulation/entertainment purposes only, and has been tailored to fit in a single crew environment. For instruction on how to fly the A320 consult your company FCOM/SOPs**
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