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Tamiya Falcon 2WD 1/10 Buggy: First Run Since the 1980s! Tamiya 58056


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Back on it's wheels! Kicking up some dirt and gravel! Finally! The first run with a newly re-built Tamiya Falcon from 1986, Tamiya model #58056. Hope you enjoy! I had a lot of fun running and filming it!

You can find many more videos with The Falcon by Tamiya in my channel. Here you will also find a comparison between The Falcon and the Tamiya Falcon Stadium Truck along with other videos of the Tamiya Stadium Blitzer, Tamiya Blitzer Beetle and Stadium Thunder (Tamiya RC models based on the Falcon chassis).

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Thanks for watching! Happy Hobby Hours to you all and Keep 'em Running!

Tamiya The Falcon #58056 (5856) Specifications:
Released in 1986
2WD (Rear Wheel Drive) Buggy
Scale: 1/10
Length: 418 mm
Height: 150 mm
Width: 226 mm
Wheelbase: 263 mm
Weight: 1580 g.
Tread Front: 192mm
Tread Rear: 188mm
Ground Clearance: 26mm
Front Tyre: 20/74mm
Rear Tyre: 37/80mm
Rear Suspension: Trail Arms
Front Suspension: Double Wishbone
Shocks: CVA Oil Filled Dampers
Tamiya Mechanical Speed Controller (MSC)
Tamiya 27T 540 Type Electric Motor (Silver Can)

The Falcon Buggy Family:
Tamiya #58056 The Falcon
Tamiya #58093 The Bear Hawk

The Falcon Stadium Truck Family:
Tamiya #58106 The Stadium Blitzer 1992
Tamiya #58122 The Blitzer Beetle 1993
Tamiya #58181 The Stadium Thunder 1996

The Falcon Stadium Truck Rereleases/Special Editions:
Tamiya #58252 The Blitzer Beetle Chrome Ltd. 1999
Tamiya #58482 The Stadium Blitzer 2010
Tamiya #58502 The Blitzer Beetle 2011
Tamiya #58524 The Stadium Thunder 2012

To this day, 2017, the Tamiya Falcon and the Tamiya Bear Hawk has not been rereleased.

This video features homemade footage of my own radio-controlled units, The Tamiya Falcon (Tamiya 58056), from my personal RC model collection. All rights reserved.

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