Sky Observer Long Range FPV Plane Maiden Flight

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This is the Maiden flight of New Zeta Science Long Range FPV UAV RC Plane Sky Observer. It’s a very easy to put together, and very easy to transport RC FPV UAV plane with a design based on Israeli Military Skylark UAV.
Right after it takes off, I was simply in love with its flight performance. It’s a great glider and at the same time offers good cruise speeds. It is not a fast plane, so if you are looking for something thrilling fast, this is not your plane. This plane is designed to cruise at certain speeds offering long flight endurance and steady Surveillance or aerial filming shots. I believe this makes a great surveillance mission planes for both day and night surveillance missions.
We did 3 flights on same 4S 10000mAh battery and flew a total of 15 to 18 minutes of flights including all the takeoff and landings. Still at the end we had 15.8 Volts left on the battery which is not even half the battery usage. A 4S is fully charged at 16.4 volts
For FPV pilots like us, and with its design, Sky Observer will provide us longer flight times, ability to cruise at good speeds, and flight stability. Not to mention easy transportation and storage and Quick deployment at the fields for any operations. Should it be a day or night surveillance mission, or just a long Range short range fun FPV Flight, Sky Observer seems to be just the plane we were looking for.
Enjoy the Maiden flight video, 2nd and 3rd flight videos will follow.

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