Sig 1/4 Quarter Scale Piper Cub J-3 R/C Model Airplane Saito Futaba IMAA AMA

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Pridané by hatecko23
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This is the biggest, best and favorite R/C airplane I've ever built. The Sig 1/4 scale Cub kit is a LOT of work. No two ways about it. But, the finished model is outstanding! I took my time building this aircraft and added lots of scale details. I'm using a standard Saito 1.20 for power. Its installed inverted and seems quite happy that way. The radio system is a Futaba PCM with quarter scale servos on the stab and rudder. Its covered with 21st Century Coverite. Very scale finish. Thank you Sig for such a beautiful kit! Yes, there are ARF 1/4 scale Cubs out there, but you know the old saying, "If you didn't build it with your own hands, it's not really yours."
RC Letadla
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