RC EXTRA 300L 33% rc plane- 100CC GAS - MAIDEN FLIGHT- May 22-2010 Pilot: RCREDBARON

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Maiden Flight - 33% Extra 300L RC Aerobatic Plane. Motor is a 3W 100iB2 100cc Gas Engine. This is my first GAS powered plane and my first of this Size. Maiden Flight date: May 22, 2010. What can I say about this plane? WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!! What a complete Thrill!! I was a bit nervous at first but once I hit the sky, the plane just flew so smooth that I had to try out a few moves, bring it low for some close up fly bys and even a few low rolls. So the first few minutes are basic laps with slowly increasing manuevers until Im pushing my nerves as far I can take them on a Maiden Flight! I was so pumped up after 2 flights, I actually got an adrenaline headache! LOL. The plane is a Bob Godfrey design, but I do not know where it was purchased or who sold it originally as I bought it used. However, the motor is a Twin Cylinder 100cc Gas Engine by 3W, a german company, but distributed here in the US by Aircraft International. Sorry for the long Video, but I wanted to document as much of this flight for myself as I could! Did I say WOW already? Love this plane!!!!! Love it!!!! Love it!!!! Thanks for watching and commenting! Support our Free Site by ordering Your Plane From Nitroplanes Here www.tkqlhce.com Get 5% off your Order with coupon code "CJ5" See More at www.RCREDBARON.com Follow me on Twitter http Friend me on Facebook!! www.facebook.com
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