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As RC vehicles and electronics continue to develop, they’re getting faster and more capable. Today’s high-powered RC’s are a lot of fun, but still have some limits. One is what the tires can handle. With powerful brushless systems and high voltage batteries, the tires can balloon at higher speeds. So if you’re laying down some speed runs or getting up some speed for a big jump, the tires can ballon causing a loss of contact with the ground and sketchy handling. Pro-Line has seen the need for a more predictable and consistent tire. Their answer is belting one of their popular truck tires. We have the new Trencher HP 2.8” belted truck tire and give them a quick test to show you the difference between a standard tire and belted tire. Think you need a more predictable tire for your truck? Take a look at the Pro-Line Racing Belted Trencher Truck Tires.

Belted Trencher Tires
By: Pro-Line Racing
Part Number: 10168-10
Price: $50.96
Link To Buy: (Use code RCDRIVER10 to save 10% your order)


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