HBX Hailstorm RC Car Slow Motion!

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Kickin' Up the Forest Floor! Slow Motion Test with the HBX 18858 Hailstorm 1/18 4WD High Speed RC Car Monster Truck (Haiboxing 18858)! Hope you will enjoy!

The HBX 18858 Hailstorm 4x4 1/18 Truggy/Monster Truck was kindly provided by Haiboxing, free for review and tests. You can buy it or/and check out the price with this (non-affiliate!) link:

The link was provided by Haiboxing. I receive no money/pay/commission.

More info below!

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Well, the making of this video has certainly given me some head ache. Recorded several months ago with the GoPro Hero 8 Black, my useless editing software, the Adobe Premiere Elements 2018, refused the GoPro 240 fps compressed files. I tried to convert the files with the free program Handbrake, but it is unable to render the files in the same quality as the original footage. As can be seen, when too much happens at the same time (dust, dirt flying in the air) it just pixilates it all heavy (even when rendering it with maximum/placebo quality).

And now, after upgrading to the Adobe Premiere Elements 2020, which promised to be able to edit the HVEC compressed files (only reason why I upgraded) it just crashes the computer. So only option was to go back again and convert the files ... and therefore loosing the quality of the original footage.

I am so sorry not being able to show you the original 240 fps footage. It really looks awesome. I hope I somehow in the future can be able to use the GoPro Hero 8 Black 240 fps option again.

How I miss the days 6-7 years ago when it was problem-free to make videos using footage in 240 fps, with the Windows Movie Maker. It seems like GoPro, Apple and Adobe prefers the kind of "progress" which for me just has resulted in giant steps backwards ...

If any know how to solve the problem, I would love to hear from you ...

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#NordicRCVisions Statement:
This video features homemade footage of my own #RCCar #RCCars #HBXHailstorm send to me personally for review by #HBX / #Haiboxing. All rights reserved.

All RC cars and RC parts in this video are hobby-grade and intended for ages +14 years.
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