Giant Scale RC F4U Corsair (CARF) with Radial Engine Moki F4U-1C

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Filmed at Wenatchee Red Apple Flyers Washington

I believe this is a Moki 215 Gas Radial, Ken took a number of years to do this bird right, and you can see he did it, amazing detailing and weathering that the video does NOT do justice to! Please subscribe!

General Information
The Corsair has been one of the most breathtaking Warbirds ever built . However, the typical gull wing was a nightmare for every modeler to build, so prior to the composite age, not too many Corsairs have been made. What a shame...

Well, things can change in an instance!
Our 1:4.5 Scale F4U-1D Corsair features all our latest molding and manufacturing technologies, which have elevated our ARF Aerobatic Planes and Sport Jets above all competition. The CARF Models Corsair is a true marvel. Absolutely scale in outline and in panel lines, it even features the scale fabric surface on outer wings, elevator and rudder right out of the molds. This scale is not too big for a safe flying weight below the 25 kg (55 lb) limit of many countries.

With the CARF-Models F4U-1D Corsair a dream comes true for us – and maybe for you, too. Vought F4U-1C Corsair
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