FMS Alpha Jet 467mm Unboxing Assembley Hand tossing & Maiden flight

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Made from high impact EPP crash resistant foam, the FMS Alpha Jet chuck glider is highly durable, stable and more important - lot's of fun!
The Alpha Jet hand launch glider is the perfect toy for all ages, all skill levels, and all flying locations. Fly it in your back garden, on the playground or at the beach. This free flight glider is an excellent way to teach children the basics of flight and aerodynamics. Throw it high, throw it far, the FMS Alpha Jet glider will give you hours of fun.
With no gluing, sanding or painting it can be assembled in seconds. It is perfect for beginners and advance users alike and is small enough to take with you anywhere.
Key Features:
Durable and lightweight
High quality EPP Foam
State of the art glider design
Wingspan: 467mm
Length: 585mm
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