Exceed RC 1/8th Scale Mad Drift Car In-depth Unboxing

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See you at UltimateRC.com Unboxing the new 1/8th scale Mad Drift car from Exceed RC&NitroRCX.com. Driving&review to follow. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- FIRST! Please note that numbered comments such as (but not limited to) "First" and "2nd" and "under 300 views" are deleted on sight. Consider this a courtesy! The entire world deeply despises these pointless, wasted posts, and when I don't delete them myself, they receive deeply vile responses from the viewing public, usually laced with profanity and deep-cutting personal insults. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Responses to Frequently Asked Questions: Q: I'm looking at a video of [a product], but you also have [another product]. Will you use [the other product]? A: Yep! Q: I'm looking at an unboxing/running video of [a product], which you bought to review. Will you review it? A: Of course I will, silly! Do ya think I bought it just to look at it? Can't do a review without running it! Q: When will you publish the [product]'s [unboxing/running/review] video? A: After [unboxing/running/reviewing] the [product]. Q: When will that be? A: When it is. Q: Why don't you review [insert random product name here]? A: Potential reasons may include, 1) I'm not interested, 2) most viewers aren't interested, 3) I don't feel I have the ability to give it a full, proper test, 4) I want to, but just haven't gotten to it yet as I've been busy making...
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