Drive Drift Rally SST Racing Electric RC 4WD Rally Car

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SST Racing 4WD RC Rally Car

Video Shot with Firefly 8S Action Camera

Drive Drift and Rally on road or off road. SST Racing 1:10th scale electric RC 4WD Rally Car will definitely keep you entertained all the time. Equipped with a neat power combo, this RC Rally car does not heat up even if you are pulling full throttle all the time to drift. Race it on road or off road, this RC Car will definitely serve the purpose. SST Racing Rally car offers superb handling and driving performance both on road and off road. SST Racing Rally car has a great looking shell with all the decals and color scheme making it more eye catching and attractive. With engineering grade nylon material and metal parts, SST Racing rally car does offer good durability should you crash it into walls and or bash it off roads. Over all its an addicting RC Rally car with a fun Driving, drifting and rally racing performance. Definitely a two thumbs up, highly recommended RC Rally Car. Do not pay attention to SST Racing claims for 120kmph speed. Its not that fast. That is the only thing that will disappoint you in this Rally car. But still it does 60kmph or lower which is more than enough to have fun. If you want 120kmph speed you will have to modify the car.

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