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DRIFT44 SKILL's PROJECT NO.10『WITH』 =The "WITH" meaning - SKILL style made by RC car and human.... chassis=drift package basic differential gear=front one way&FCD 2.0 gear=spur gear 84&pinion gear 18 motor=brushless 13.5T heat sink=(Yeah Racing) super light heat sink Type-B bearing=(Yeah Racing) blue ball bearing wheel&tire=TE37SL - offset 5mm&unknown tire wheel hub=(Yeah Racing) aluminum wheel washer set 4mm nut=(Yeah Racing) aluminium flanged lock nut oil=(Yeah Racing) shock oil 300 steering= (TEAM-TETSUJIN) BILLET HANDLE led=(TEAM-TETSUJIN) MORI MORI 20 LED kit music by O-HIMEN "rock'n beet" (permission=OK)
On road
DRIFT44, RC, DRIFT, SKILL, O-HIMEN, FCD2.0, ドリフト44, ラジコン, ドリフト, , オーヒメン, SKILL'sproject

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