DRIFT44 NO WIDTH 2 (sickle sword)

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いつかは神業と呼ばれてみたいプロジェクトNO.52(version3.0)『車幅程の狭いゲートをシックルソードで抜ける』 >clear the narrow gate of about vehicle width ,,, by sickle sword ,,,,,,,, chassis= drift package (basic) differential gear= front one way&FCD 2.0 gear= spur gear 84&(SPICE) Carbon Steel pinion gear 18 motor= yokomo brushless 13.5T wheel&tire= (SPICE) VOLK Racing TE37SL - offset 5mm&(SPICE) Type75RS4R - polycarbonate oil= 300 music by O-HIMEN (permission=OK) 『METHOD MARCH』
On road
神業, ラジコン, ドリフト, rc, drift, o-himen, オーヒメン, ドリパケ, driftpackage, FCD2.0, ケツカキ, DRIFT44, skill, no, width, spice

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