Destroyed & Reborn: 3 Years of the Freewing F-22, RC Jet Perfection

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Our F-22 finally came in courtesy of @MotionRC, with Mobius 1's livery from Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies. Running on a full 17 channel setup, this is the most complicated aircraft we've ever built or tested for the channel - and it flies like a dream, earning an absolutely perfect score.

Like what you see? Customize your own F-22 using the equipment and setup guide below, and pick one up for yourself from MotionRC:

F-22 Setup Guide:

Equipment Used:
KMRC Model Afterburner system:
AGFRC B11DLS steering servo:
Hitec D-85MG servos:
Avian 130 amp ESC:
E-flite BEC ran off the Avian BEC lead:
Spektrum AR10360T Receiver:
RC Light Systems channel expander:
Du-bro low bounce wheels:

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Hitec HS-85MGs:

4s 30c 2200 Smart packs:
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6s 50c 4000 Smart packs:

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0:00 Intro & Mobius 1 Livery
1:00 Aerobatic Potential
3:00 Wheel Upgrade Recommendations
3:50 Landings
4:57 Steering Upgrade Recommendation & Takeoffs
5:57 Quick Setup Info
7:54 Review & TwoBros Score
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