Auto Invert / Upside down ! FlyWing FW450L-V3 'SMART' RC Helicopter | For Beginner and Expert Pilots

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Auto Invert / Upside down ! FlyWing FW450L-V3 'SMART' RC Helicopter | For Beginner and Expert Pilots
Jason flies the FW450 for the third time...this time trying to fly inverted! Inverted flight feature did not work on our last flight. Transpires that Fly Wing do not enable this feature out of the box. You need to switch it on my connecting your desktop PC/laptop to the flight controller using the provided USB cable and running the H1-Heli EN software v1.81 application found at the link below. Once connected you can turn on the ability to go Inverted with this heli in GPS mode but only after accepting the warning.

I had also updated the software using the new version provided by Fly Wing. As Jason tells us, the flight characteristics are better. What Fly Wing did not tell me was that the minimum height for Invert has been changed to 5 metres. In version 2 of the software this value will be configurable by the owner.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to flight we switched off 'low battery protection' because of the cold weather. Voltage detection does not work well on cold days and this heli will go into automatic return to home if it detects low voltage. For this heli it would climb to 10 metres as part of the return to home process. If you do this please ensure you time your flight to minimise chances of damaging the flight battery by taking cell voltages below 3.7 volts.

Part 1 of our flight testing of this RC helicopter can be found here:

Filmed by Dom Mitchell for the 'Essential RC' YouTube channel using the Panasonic AG-UX180 4K camcorder.

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