ACME Condor Nitro RC Car

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If you have a Condor and gave up on it, watch&read this it may just help :0) ACME Condor from www.nitrotek.co.uk - This is the Team Infinity .18 Nitro engine. This video shows how an ACME Condor should run once you have fixed all the problems with it out of the box! My first video of this car was just run in and it had issues with over heating and not being able to tune it properly. This video was the cars first real bashing after I fixed several problems that were present right out of the box! I have read a lot of user experienced problems from won't start, can't tune, "it's cheap for a reason!" Well out of the box ready to run this car isn't! I would advise you strip back to main chassis, and re build using thread lock on all metal to parts, ie engine mount, grub screws on drive shaft couplings ect. Then BEFORE running in watch videos regarding 'how to fix air leaks on a nitro engine' I found 4 on this one including the main front crankshaft bearing! seal up the engine as from the factory it leaks air worse than a sieve! my leaks where: carb mount, back plate, fuel tank seal&front bearing - replace with a good one on eBay search 19x10x5 sealed bearing for a low cost good replacement I paid£3 for 2 incl. p&p Car now runs quite well, car came with start up kit which included - 16% model technics nitro fuel, no. 4 medium glow plug, I have replaced with a no. 3 hot plug as it is cold outside at the moment and it starts and runs much better but still a little hot, so...
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