2019-20 Winter Series Race #1 1/10 Spec Touring Car 17.5

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2020 Saint John Race Club Fall Series.
Race #1 January 11, 2020
1/10 17.5 spec Touring Car

This is the 1st race of the winter indoor season for the 1/10 Touring car 17.5 spec class, and the 1st race of 2020. For the start of this season we made major upgrades to the track barrier system with nice rounded corners made of flexible plastic. This made it a lot easier for cornering and a lot easier on the front end parts of the cars.

For the spec motor we purchased an order of Turnigy v1 17.5 motors and we put them on the dyno and each was set to the same power number. This gives the racers an even playing field for motors and they can focus on handling.

Rules of this class are 1/10 touring cars with Turnigy v1 17.5 motors that have been prepared on the dyno for the same power. Cars can use any rubber tires, but we tend to use Sweep QTS28 or Sorex 28.

Race was held in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Visit us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SJRCRC/
Events at: http://www.mrcr.ca
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