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10 Unique RC-TOYS You Must See


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10 Unique RC-TOYS You Must See
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1)Giant RC Car: The Mammuth



4)Giant Mil-Mi24


6)Essential RC(378MPH JET)




10)Big Train (CaptainHarlock999)

Hi everyone! Today, we’ll talk about the biggest and the fastest ones among cars, tanks, and planes according to the Guinness Book of Records. And as you’ve guessed already, it’s all about toys! The coolest and unique remote-control toys. Here goes!

Meet Mammoth Rewarron, the biggest remote-control car. The look of it immediately brings to mind the famous car from the renowned Home Alone movie. This beast has a truly impressive size, it is only one-third smaller than the original! Aside from its massiveness, the vehicle features a unique hydraulic suspension that ensures excellent road stability for this remote-control beast.

High Speed remote control cars are already real! Nick Case is a creator of this wonder, which can accelerate to the speed 186 miles per hour. Inspired by computer games, the American engineer created this pet project and named it "Radio-controlled Bullet".

The tank that took part in one famous German cartoon is also a unique creation of engineering. This technological wonder is a remote-control copy of the legendary German Royal Tiger that was the main tank of Nazi Germany during the final stage of the Second World War.

American engineers of today have created something unique. They made the exact copy of the Soviet helicopter MI-24, and not just some copy - it’s a remote control one! This birdie can rise to a height of 984 feet. and maneuvers easily in the air. This flying device was first demonstrated in 2014 at the week of military machines in Norway.

In September of 2016, a unique machine - a remote control fighter aircraft F-16 Cobra - was exhibited in Germany. This copy of a supersonic fighter is five times smaller than the original, its weight is 40 pounds, and the engine that makes this wonder work is an IQ Hammer developed and manually compiled by Christian Gschwenter. Aside from stunning speed capabilities, the F-16 also performs amazing aerobatics.

186 on the ground, 372 in air! The 44-pound model built by Hans Litens can acquire the speed of 372 miles per hour. Such an amazing speed is ensured by an enormous gas turbine engine. Managing this model takes much experience and great responsibility, it’s not simple drone, flying at 24 miles per hour.

But if 372 miles per hour is not enough for you, here we have the Pink Panther with its record-breaking 462 miles per hour. This babe is capable of gathering unbelievable speed seconds after taking off. Its performance has been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as ‘the highest speed acquired by a remote-control model’

Now, let’s pass from high speed on to big size. The legendary Boeing 747 built according to a unique technology is the biggest flying remote-control machine. Its length is almost 18 feet., its wingspan is 16 feet., and its weight equals 150 pounds.

The Razer robot. This model is familiar to all the fans of the famous show Robot Wars. This robot weighs 200 pounds and can acquire the speed of 7 per hour, it is the legend of Robot Wars

Quadrocopter flies and shoot nice video on the bird-eye view. Seems like nothing new. However, CarCopter can not only film high-resolution videos, but also terrestrial ones. Aside from the propellers that provide for vertical ascending, it is equipped with small wheels that ensure the cross-country ability. Thanks to such capabilities, CarCopter can reach the most mysterious places, moving through the air and on the ground ...

Not really remote control, but no less unique. A full steam locomotive made on a scale of 1 to 8, an exact copy of its larger relative. This masterpiece of engineering is located in Canada. It spends days touring around a park thanks to a huge engine working on real fuel. The train itself can carry passengers in the unusual manner shown in the video, one passenger for one carriage.

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