Xray XT8e 2019 | In "My Defenition of Xray MT8e-6s"

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This is how i hope they will make a MT to their Racing-line..the TpParts RcXtreme MTfied Xray XT8e 2019. Im using 6s lipo-


Finaly, the all new Xray XT8e 2019, hits the gravelpit...And how it did, the car is buildt by the manual, besides a few things

7k rear - 150k - mid - 60k front

Shocks by manual, 350cst HUDY and 400 are used

350 rear - 400 front
6x1.3 pistons, almost 0 rebound. ridehight set to level

using 4500 GensAce 2x3s (6s power)

Hobbywing Max8 and 2200 4274 motor geared 13T
(Max punch, 37% brake)

Proline Ford Raptor 2017 lid and Badlands 3.8" tires


Front and Rear Outcast Bodymounts

ARRMA 1/8 Sideguards (narrower)

Bigger on chassi carbon brace

MT4-G3 Wheeliebar, Carbon mount

Please visit Rynos hobby in Enköping, friendly people, and lots of fun stuf,

Annelundsgatan 17B
749 40 Enköping


Barkarby hobby in Barkarbystaden, just outside of Stockholm, friendly as fe, and helfull people with a huge smile

Barkarbyvägen 55c
17744 Järfälla
RC Auta On road Off road

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