WPL C-14K and WPL B-36 Budget RC Car 1/16 4WD & 6WD Trucks. Tires: No Way Around it!

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Time to glue the WPL tires of the WPL C-14 and the WPL B-36 1/16 4WD and 6WD RC Car Trucks. Any chance of success and not gluing myself to the table?

Keep in mind, this is not an instructional video (although if you have never glued tires before, there might be a few basic tips here). But all in all, this video is just showing my attempt at gluing some RC Car tires, which I definitely am no expert at. But with some tires, and especially some of the WPL tires there's just no way around it.

WPL C-14 Electronics and WPL C-34 Build Videos Coming Up Soon!

The WPL B-14, C-14, B-36 and C-34 featured in this video was kindly provided by Banggood, free for review and test. For prices and specifications check out these (non-affiliate!) links:

WPL B-1 (B-14): https://www.banggood.com/WPL-WPLB-1-116-2_4G-4WD-RC-Crawler-Off-Road-Car-With-Light-RTR-p-1194636.html?utm_campaign=14782311&utm_content=10896&p=86142028955165201901

WPL B-36 : https://www.banggood.com/WPL-B36-Ural-116-2_4G-6WD-Rc-Car-Military-Truck-Rock-Crawler-Command-Communication-Vehicle-RTR-Toy-p-1353390.html?utm_campaign=14782311&utm_content=10896&p=86142028955165201901

WPL C-14 (Kit/DIY): https://www.banggood.com/WPL-C14-DIY-Car-Kit-2_4G-4WD-RC-Climb-Semi-Off-Road-Car-With-Light-Without-Electronic-Part-ATR-p-1248716.html?utm_campaign=14782311&utm_content=10896&p=86142028955165201901

WPL C-34 (Metal Edition Kit/DIY): https://www.banggood.com/WPL-C34KM-116-Metal-Edition-Kit-4WD-2_4G-Buggy-Crawler-Off-Road-RC-Car-2CH-Vehicle-Models-With-Head-Light-p-1457735.html?utm_campaign=14782311&utm_content=10896&p=86142028955165201901

The links where provided by Banggood. I receive no money/pay/commission.

Thank you for watching!

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Music (Youtube Audio Library):
'Lose Yourself' by Drew Banga
'The Lone Woodlouse' by Rachel K Collier
'Silky Smooth' by Audio Hertz
'World War Outerspace' by Audio Hertz
'Mission to Mars' by Audio Hertz

#NordicRCVisions Statement:
This video features homemade footage of my own #RCCars #WPL #WPLC14 #WPLB36 send to me personally for review by #Banggood. All rights reserved.

All RC cars and RC parts in this video are hobby-grade and intended for ages +14 years.
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