Will There Be A TESLA CYBER LINEUP? | NEW Tesla Model 2 RUMORS | Will Tesla's Get WIRELESS CHARGING?

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In this video we will talk about the a possible Cyber Lineup, the speculated Model 2, and also how wireless charging may be coming to Tesla's. Here are all of the rumors and thoughts on these 3 topics!


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-Tesla has already produced some good, modern looking cars with the S3XY lineup, there are speculation that there could be a Cyber lineup
-Renders of a Cyber Roadster, Cyber SUV, Cyber RV, Cyber Trailers have popped up
-These different models could be mass produced as they are cheaper to manufacture, faster to manufacture, and would have very appealing performance.
-The Cyber lineup designs might have the same motive as Cybertruck, to turn heads.
-Ownership costs might be a lot cheaper with this vehicle since there is no paint, the stainless steel and glass are a lot more durable
-This lineup could be a huge seller since the Cybertruck orders have gone over 600,000 orders now

-Elon has mentioned that his goal is to have Tesla vehicles even cheaper than the Model 3. Somewhere in the $25,000 range or cheaper.
-The vehicle is meant to be for Chinese consumers at first but could flow over to other countries after a while
-Tesla has released a render of what the “Model 2” might look like
-The photo appears to be a small crossover rumored to seat 4 or 5
-Supposedly 15-20% smaller than the Model Y
-175″ (445 cm) and a width of 72″ (183 cm), compared to the Model 3 length of 185″ (470 cm) by 73″ (185 cm)
-Rumored standard range of 200 miles and the top spec to be nearly 400-500 miles
-Autopilot might be left out to make the Model 2 cheaper but if left in would make this car sell even better
-Tesla expects this to be the biggest vehicle for Tesla in terms of sales and could sell hundreds of thousands to millions of units eventually (considering Cybertruck is at 600,000 orders and is a lot more expensive)

-People have been talking about a possible wireless charging Tesla for years now
-Idea that you could have a wireless charging transmitter on your garage floor and a receiver on the bottom of the car which would charge the battery
-On top of that, ideas that wireless charging roads could charge your car while driving.
-This technology is far out since you would be tearing up and replacing a lot of roads but does make a lot of sense for the EV future.

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