The Truth Behind COVID-19 And Where To Invest Your Money Right Now w/ Robert Kiyosaki

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In this interview, Albert and Robert talk about their upbringing, where they see the markets going in the next years, and where to invest your money to get the most profitability/safety right now.

04:26 How The Story Of Rich Dad Poor Dad Started
06:20 Why Robert Became a Finance Junky
07:37 Robert Got Into The Marine Court
08:47 Why The School System Teaches You To Be An Employee
10:13 Capitalism vs Socialism
10:42 Albert Losing Everything in 2008 Was The Best Thing That Happened To Him
11:26 Before & After COVID
13:23 How To Stay Financially Safe
21:32 What The Media Has To Do With COVID Fear
31:48 Should You Expand Your Business Right Now?
45:51 Economists vs. Entrepreneurs

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