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THiS Weekend is the 2018 Rude Boyz RC Club #ToughTruckCompetition, (#TTC2018), and #RCSparks will be there to capture the action! This is a Radio Control hobby group gathering of about 50 people, that happens over several days. I am packing up my lifted Ford F150, and have the trailer hooked up. This is my first time pulling a camper.. but not my first time pulling a trailer. This is the Ninth year that RCSparks is filming a Top Truck Competition of 1/10th scale electric trail trucks. The trucks are all to be shaft driven, and can have a wheel size of 2.2. I have chosen to run my modified @RC4WD Trail Finder 2, with the #CHEVY K5 Blazer Hard Plastic Body. I have removed the back topper, and installed a Sense Innovations ESS-DUAL Sound Kit. I have waterproofed the sound kit with Conformal Coating. The wheels I am running are KRAiT 1.9 Gold Rims, and the Tires are the very popular 1.9 Hustlers from Boom Racing. For a motor & esc combo I will be running a T8 Brushless Truggy Motor (Sensored), and a Gen 2 RX8 (I waterproofed it myself). My pinions are 32 pitch, and the shaft size of my motor is 5mm.

My driveshafts are Steel MIP's, and I am running helical, hardened gears inside my axle housings. I have replaced all of my bearings, as well as replaced all four axle shafts. This is to eliminate the possibility of a worn out axle stub, and cracks/fatigue I can not see with my eye.
My servos are waterproof, and I have a BEC running power to all of my electronics ensuring I have maximum power at all times. I also have axle extenders (12mm!)making my foot print much wider for a stable truck. This entire truck is powered by a single 4000mah 3s Lipo (11.1v) and will operate for 30 minutes or more, depending on how I am on the throttle.

I hope the look at my truck gives you some ideas on how you can get your truck ready for competition! Lots of power, great accessories, and

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