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After much abuse, and many years of racing - it is time for Everett to re-build his Kraken RC Class 1 TSK (True Scale Kit) for his HPI Baja 5T. This thing is FAR from Stock - and Ev wants to make it even STRONGER! By installing the Kraken X3 Chassis, new Fonzie-RC Beef Links for his arm suspension links, as well as an Engine from OBR Racing and a Vertigo Clutch Kit assembly - we actually got quite far in this episode. From a box of parts.. into almost a full roller - check it out as Everett and I bumble our way through the process!

This thing is a BEAST!

Here is where you can get the Kraken cage ($299):

Cage and Chrome Pipe Combo ($349):

"TSK-B Product Description:

Kraken RC TSK-b Class 1 Kit brings awesome scale realism of the Class 1 buggy to the HPI Baja 5b. It is the first ever plug and play true scale roll cage kit for the HPI Baja 5b. Made out of super tough polymer, this Roll Cage and body kit gives you added protection to your Baja 5b and it's internal components. The included clear Lexan body panels give unlimited customization and creativity. This can be achieved with either polycarbonate paint or vinyl wraps. (For Vinyl Wraps, see part number tr635a and tr635b) Also Fits 5T/5SC with no other parts required for use!

Note: With Integrated front/rear bumpers, skid plate and mounting accessories, the TSK-b kit mounts directly to your Baja 5b. A savings of over $100 in extra stock parts you would need to get for mounting the first generation CL1TSK Kit!

True scale Class 1 conversion kit for your HPI 5b
Integrated front and rear bumpers
Easy and quick roll cage installation
Direct mounting to your HPI Baja 5b
Heavy duty clear Lexan panels for unlimited customization
Super Tough polymer
Modular cages for easy and fast replacements

What’s in the box:
3 Modular Roll Cages* - DuraCage™ Technology
Heavy Duty Body Kit** - 1.8mm Lexan Panels (Polycarbonate)
Nets Kit
Hardware Installation Kit
Instruction Manual
Kraken RC Decal Sheet

Hope that helps everyone!

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