RC RP003 1.8m Twin 70mm 6S EDF Drain pipe jet V2 Maiden flight

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In this video you will see Maiden flight of new project by Pilot Robert, twin 70mm EDF pipe jet V2 version. I used to build this RC plane two 70mm high speed EDF units From Freewing and ESCs from Freewing, both upgrade for ME262. The wings are from Frankie Boy 1.8m glider, V tail and stabilizers are made from spare Me 163 Komet wings, front wheels are tundra tires now, the back wheel is from HobbyKIng Avro Lancaster, fuselage of the plane is maid from two drain pipes and all the plane holds together 8 pipe holders. Plane will run on pack of 4500mAh 6S baterries. All we need now is to see if I have found perfect CG and that is it. The weight of the plane is 4.6kg and we have thrust of 4kg.
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