RC Mishaps - I got attacked by RC airplanes twice on the same day!

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I almost got hit by friendly fire twice on one day! And these moments were captured by my car's dashcam, hence the low video and sound quality.

The first one was an E-flite V900 racer, which actually connected with my calf, but probably I did more damage to it (a slight indentation on the leading edge of the right wing) than it hurt me. I was not even sure that it grazed my leg until I watched the video later in slow motion. I think I saved the plane from more damage by slowing it down. Another advantage of foam airplanes! :)

The second one was a E-flite Cherokee (again a foamie) with 1.3m wingspan. It ended up doing a "one-point landing" on one of my RC friend's large plastic toolbox (you can hear the hollow thud in the video). There was some minor damage, but nothing a dab of Gorilla Glue couldn't fix.

Stay safe and healthy. Hope to see you on the next video.
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