RC Messerschmitt ME262 Jet 3 Cameras View Epic Sunset Flight

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Enjoy a stunning 3 Cameras views from Ground, Nose camera and Tail camera of RC Messerschmitt ME 262 Jet flight while sun was setting. That made it even more realistic, and Epic beautiful Flight of RC ME 262 Jet. You are going to love the slow approach while mesmerizing sun is setting in the background with beautiful colors.

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Luftwaffe Messerschmitt ME 262 Schwalbe is the legendary German Jet fighter from 2nd World War that turns the tides for air combat. It has always been my favorite. I am so glad that finally a big 1530mm Wingspan Twin 70mm EDF Jet Electric RC Version of this Legendary Aircraft is in my hands. This is Dynam ME 262 Electric RC Jet with Twin 70mm Ducted fans, twin 60Amp ESCs, built in retracts and historic German Luftwaffe color scheme.

You can order Dynam ME 262 here

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