RC CWR 5 G2s take on the Elbow Falls

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RC4WD Gelande II trail run in the Kananaskis Country Elbow Falls. Lyle from RC Athletes got a new to him G2, green with no roof rack. Make sure to check out his YT channel too, link below


sslouie the Blue G2 joined the RC Expedition and of course we had the Camo Crew. Todd and his green machine, Will driving his gunmetal rig and I took out the Old Yeller. I had a trail fix along the way, my rear diff gears went on me. Luckily sslouie had a extra set helical gears on him, so trail fix it is. Easy enough but when you put the gears in backwards it makes for hard trailing LOL. I didn't even think that was possible but now know, quick flip fix and trail on. Thanks for watching and enjoy, Cheers.

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RC CWR is Remote Control Chris Will Rappel. We are a father (Chris) 'n son (Will) team in Calgary Alberta. We have many RCs in out collection, Traxxas bashers, Axial trail trucks and rock racers, Tamiya scalers, Losi 1/24 scale and a DBXL, jet boats and prop boats, a Super Cub airplane, HPI drifters, RC4WD scalers. And we build our custom trailers for hauling the boats and custom build styrene camping trailers. Thanks for watching and enjoy, please subscribe LIKE and comment.
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