RC Buggies Tug Of War - Hyper 7 - HPI Trophy - X Nitro RC

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This week at the track we decided to do a tug of war Richard's Hyper 7 Vs Dave's Trophy 3.5. We had so much power and force we dug wholes in the track and burnt our tyres down.

Not only did we do tug of war with the buggies we also pulled along some old RC toys, dragging them across the track. They we bouncing around and smashing into all sorts of obsticals.

Richard also decided to hit one with a stick as it came of the ramp. We also have a water balloon bursting in slow motion. New guys at the track with there buggies and monster trucks we racing jumping and having a great time.

Steve jumped his HPI Blitz into Dave's trailer among all the other jumps and stunts.

Enjoy the video!
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