RC ANA L-1011 Short Maiden Flight! RCジェット [4K]


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Hi there RC Airliner Fanatics DemonDriver AKA Chris here, Saturday morning out at CRCS I Maidened My Scratch-built 7-foot Long ANA L-1011 for the very 1st time, I built her 5 or 6 years ago and she is of an older heavier design that I no longer use. I cut the flight short due to lacking enough power to clear the line of trees at the end of the runway, rather than throw away a valuable RC Airliner I decided to land her just before the tree-line and try for another longer flight when I deal with her lack of Power issue, I she landed hard but only her main gears and nose-gear where damaged, everything else is fine. I hope to have her back in the air very shortly.
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