Radio Control 1/6 M5 Stuart Tank


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Listed on eBay October 4th, 2008, through October 11th, 2008. This is a 21st Century brand tank sold under the Motorworks name. This huge tank is the proper size for the 12" GI Joes. It drives forward and reverse, turns left and right, and the turret rotates left and right. You can also fire the projectiles. The tank has some impressive sounds. When you turn it on, you can hear the starter, and it settles into an idle. When you drive the tank, it revs up. When you fire the main gun, you hear the shot, and the whole tank recoils. You can also make the sound of firing the machine gun. Both turret hatches open, and both front hatches open. It even has a working suspension. Also included is a 21st Century brand WWII tank commander. All accessories for the tank and the commander are included. The tank is in good working order, and it's great fun. The turret turning mechanism is designed so no damage occurs if the gun hits an obstruction, and this sometimes causes the turret to stick. The tank has been used outside, but it is in perfect condition other than being dirty and having one upper turret hatch broken off. It's a clean break on the hinges, and it could be easily glued back on. The tank, radio, and charger will be shipped in their original box, but I don't have the original box for the commander. The commander and his accessories will be carefully packed inside the tank.
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