Pro Boat 1/12 Formula RTR Hydro Nitro Gas Speedboat

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Pro Boat's Formula RTR hydro is a fully licensed 1/12-scale version of the championship-winning Formula Boats full-scale hydro. The Formula RTR hydro boasts a lightweight fiberglass hull specially made for high-speed handling. Ultimate speed is the result of the Pro Boat® .18 marine engine that adds over 20% more horsepower and updated composite propeller. For added convenience and control, the Formula comes with an easy-to-operate Pro Boat 2-channel AM radio system and Sullivan TigerDrive starting system. The Formula Hydro is built under license from Formula/Thunderbird Products. Features * Fully licensed scale version of the 2006 High-points Champion Hydro * Pro Boat® .18 marine engine and tuned exhaust add over 20% more power * Sullivan TigerDrive starting system and handheld starter * Composite propeller for increased speed and durability * Prepainted fiberglass composite hydro hull for scale appearance and superior high-speed handling * Pro Boat 2-channel AM 27MHz pistol-grip radio installed * Built under license from Formula/Thunderbird Products
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