Pitts S12 Aerobatic Biplane EPO RTF from Hobby King - part 1

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My friend Scott Nyberg and I are flying out Pitts S12 Aerobatic Biplanes that we ordered from Hobby King (www.hobbyking.com) in Hong Kong. These EPO foam airplanes come receiver-ready with installed servos, linkages and brushless motor and ESC. They just need a receiver, a 3S LiPo battery and some assembly. Putting on the decals took much longer than the assembly. They are very agile and can do almost all aerobatic maneuvers in their stock form. They are a lot of fun to fly, however they are not suitable for beginner pilots. We flew them at the Mitre Field in Burlington, MA. It was rather windy, but the planes handled the wind well. The cameraman was our friend Chip Grueter.
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