Off-road adventure vol 3. - LEGO Greyhound 4WD RC Buggy & JJRC Q39 1/12 4WD RC Buggy

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This is our next off-road adventure and we have here the amazing Greyhound 4WD RC Buggy by Diederik van Leeuwen and the great JJRC Q39 1/12 4WD RC Buggy! The Greyhound Buggy is an impressive LEGO MOC with 4 PF L motors, a Servo motor and an M motor, powered & controlled by 2 BuWizz units. The JJRC Q39 is a nice affordable 1/12 RC car with a brushed motor, good suspension and surprisingly good performance. Please check the links below to learn more about these buggies:

Greyhound buggy -
JJRC Q39 -
ForwART Sticker -

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