Nitroplanes Airfield F4U Corsair 1430mm FMS RC Airplane

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My Maiden flight of the F4U Corsair 1430mm by Airfield which I got from Nitroplanes on April 16th 2011.. This is my maiden flight of this large sized F4U Corsair. This is the first time I'm flying a plane of this size and I have to say I was a little intimidated at first. Once I got it up in the air though it was amazingly stable. It flys so nice and the sound from that prop is awesome to say the least!!! I had to reduce the volume of the background music just so you can hear what im talking about in the vid... This Corsair is super detailed and is very attractive. The retractible gears are so cool its one of my favorite features! With the plane I got 2 Sky Lipo 3000mAh 14.8V 30C 4S Batteries and I also got a small mini cam to try to capture some FPV video as you can see... I had to put a little clip in for fun! If you're interested in getting into this hobby my recommendation from my own experience would be to use a simulator and find a trainer that can easily be fixed (you will crash a time or two when you start learning)...I personally used the Flyzone Sky Fly Max from Tower Hobbies... great plane to learn on and you can watch a clip of it in my videos... Once you get comfortable with orientation and the controls you can easily move to more intermediate planes. For a radio I used my Futaba 6EX 6 Channel 2.4GHz. Thanks for watching! As always thanks to my awesome wife for video recording! Please don't forget to Rate, Comment, and feel free to Subscribe. Good Luck and ...
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