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We built a Floating RC Boat Jump for our Streamline RC Thrasher Jet Boats. These boats do not have outboard props - rather an inner prop that is a "Jet Propulsion" system, much like full size Jet Boats. We are running 6s Lipo today, and really nailed it with our Floating Jump.

For those folks wondering how we built the jump - it was very easy. Some Corrugated Sheet Plastic (got it at Home Depot), some Empty Jugs, some "Gorilla Tape", a Rope & Anchor, as well as a Retrieval Line! We made sure to have a long, flat bottom, so the ramp would have a lot of surface area on the top of the water - as well as plenty of buoyancy with the milk jugs / water jugs you have laying around. By taping the rope VERY WELL to the bottom of the ramp.. it moved very little. If I was to do it again - I would use two anchors - to hold the ramp steady - though only one anchor made the ramp move around.. and was a fun challenge!!

A lot of viewers ask me about the products I use in my films, so I linked the website we got our boats at:


SPECS & Info from the website:

"Built upon the Thrasher , one of the most versatile and rugged RC boats in the world, Thrasher XT's Patent Pending Jet Pump Technology with a 2000W brushless motor and 160amp peak ESC gives you performance out of the box with a long list of upgrade opportunities currently available and more on the way. Thrasher XT is capable of running on Lipo batteries from 2s to 6s right out of the box. Thrasher XT builds upon a standard Thrasher rugged jet boat with self righting capability and adds the following factory installed upgrades: sponson fin kit, Billet Aluminum Alloy Impeller, and Thrasher's exclusive all time vacuum bilge system. Units include a modified FlySky radio system with our exclusive waterproof receiver.

Batteries not included."

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