ICAO LKCM Prime Jet Pro Glue N Go Series and Shark


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Cheapest HK "airplane" 12 flights = 8x crash :)
Nejlevnější "letadlo" z číny 12 letů = 8x havárie :)

COG (Center of Gravity) is 2,5cm (about an inch) in-front of Carbon Spar towards front of the plane. Plane have to be a bit tail heavy, otherwise it wont fly! You have to use Full deflections and Exponentials not higher than 50% this plane have to be controlled, I´m using Prop 5.5x4.3 (SKU: 9329000214-0) as others did complain about rotation of plane when throttling up, and this one is ok, no noticeable tilt against prop observed. Its definitely not for beginners, Stall Speed is quite high, You have to keep speed, with 2200mAh 3S1P it has altogether 431grams RTF weight, approximate stall speed is about 15-20 knots.

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RC Letadla

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