How to Set your Tail Rotor Perfect on a R/C Helicopter and Why this Method Works.

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Here is a video of how I get my tail rotor tuned correctly. Here we are verifying that the helicopter does not have enough right pitch in the tail rotor to hold the helicopter straight in flight. The main rotor causes the nose of the helicopter to want to spin nose left. So to counter that torque, there must be about 2-3 degrees right pitch to offset that torque of the main rotor. If there was no tail rotor, the helicopter would just spin nose left out of control. Most gyros have a way to turn off the heading hold so you can get the perfect amount of right pitch and actually see it working. This is my simple AR7210BX and a Blade Fusion 270 which we are working with.The Camera died in the end. Watch the flight video too.
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