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In my quest to use every model I have in 2019, this video was anticipated and inevitable! These are two of my most favourite trucks.. and they certainly work well together. The 1948 International I built a few years ago.. (I did a build series on YouTube) Its a pretty good paint job, if I do say so myself.. and the open differential, 2WD makes this truck a challenge to drive.. but so satisfying to play with! Here is a parody video I did with the same truck, of a game I used to play called "Mud Runner".. I'm sure you will find it very amusing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqObS8iX1cY

The second truck i am using in this video is a Cross RC "GC4-M".. and is 4x4 all locked, all the time. it is a powerhouse of a communications truck.. and acts very much like a tug boat. Low geared and powerful. I really like the detail on this truck.. and I use it very carefully!

All of this of course, is just to amuse myself on a nice summers day, after a rain! This is why I love the hobby so much.. the imagination can be endless in storylines!

I hope you too.. get to discover how incredible the hobby of Radio Control is!

Leave a question if you need some info..

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