HolyBro Kopis2 SE (a brilliant 6S racing quad but...)

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Fiberglass arms??? Are you kidding? I love Holybro products and the Kopis2 SE is a high-spec machine with plenty of performance... but seriously, whose idea was it to skimp on materials for the arms and base-plate?

- it's fast on 4S and probably rocket-like on 6S
- good spec components from reputable manufacturers
- easy to set up and get flying
- stretched-X sure handles nice
- 6S-ready out of the box

- a bit pricey?
- fiberglass-core instead of pure carbon???
- no camera mounts (the Kopis 1 had them)
- the Lolipop antennas have never worked well for me

Bottom line:
Stay tuned, I've almost set up the racing track for this year so I'll be bashing some gates with the Kopis2 soon and then we'll know if those arms will hold up.
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