HobbyKing - A-10 Warthog Dual EDF RC Jet

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Review of the A-10 Warthog Dual EDF Jet. Price at time the video was made was $109.99. Please check HobbyKingcom as actual prices may be subject to change. Link to this Cool A-10 EDF jet on Hobbyking.com: www.hobbyking.com Links to HobbyKing.com store front: www.hobbyking.com Information about this A-10 from HobbyKings Website The A-10 Fighter jet comes 97% pre-built and includes a powerful twin 20A (40A Total) brushless electric ducted fan system plus steerable nose wheel. Scale model enthusiests will notice the engines to be larger than the real life model, this model is designed this way to increase acceleration performance without increasing Amp load; keeping the battery, esc and motors under 20A in size. This well detailed jet uses two 75mm ducted fan units to provide fast throttle response and a high top speed. Spec. Wing Span : 1017mm Length : 916mm Height: 284mm Wing loading: 59g/dm2 Flying Weight: 970g Servo: 4x9g Motor: 2 x 30-XX Brushless outrunner 3900kv ESC: 2x20A Duct fan: 2 X 75mm Battery compartment size: 115x50x40mm Required: Your own TX&RX 11.1V 2200mah 3S 25C Lipo
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