GRAUPNER CHEEKY BADGER 1.3m RC trainer/sport plane PNF Unboxing

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The Graupner CHEEKY BADGER is a particularly attractive RC trainer, which achieves outstanding flight performance and shines with particularly good-natured flight characteristics. The CHEEKY BADGER is equipped with extra-large wheels, so that nice ground starts can also be carried out on lawns. No glue is required for model assembly, the model parts such as the vertical and horizontal tail are simply inserted and held magnetically. It should also be emphasized that the kit contains a pair of sports wings and the necessary assembly tools.

- Classic RC motor trainer
- Extremely good-natured flight characteristics
- Particularly robust
- Model assembly without glue
- All decorative elements glued on

- Almost finished model made of Graupner SOLIDPOR® rigid foam
- two-part wing and finished fuselage, each with glued-on decorative elements
- In addition, sports wing pairs include
- BRUSHLESS motor TOP 3511-750 11.1 V, including spinner and propeller
- 4 x 9 g servos installed ready for operation
- Tripod chassis with foam rubber wheels Ø 85x30 mm and small parts
- Detailed operating instructions in German, English and French

Wing-span : 1280 mm
Weight : approx. 1200g(flying weight)
Rec. engine : BL TOP 3511-750 11,1 V
Control : H,S,Q,M
Manufacturer : Graupner
Fuselage Solidpor
Wings : Solidpor
Version : PNP - PLUG N PLAY
Rec. Battery : 3S/2500mAh LiXX
Fly / Build : 21.jpg
Drive Type : Electric
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