Giant BAe 146-300 Jumbolino Unusual RC Airliner Model

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The BA 146-300 / Avro RJ 100 RC model was presented at the "AIRLINER MEETING OPPINGEN" 2013

PLEASE NOTE: IT TOOK PLACE IN OPPINGEN! My title on the video named the wrong town - SORRY!!!

This fantastic model was designed and built by Lothar Heinrich, Germany.
Its weight is 42 kg 100 Gram's and powered by 2 x JetCat Jet turbines P 120.
Scale is 1 : 6.6
Wingspan 3.40 meter and a lengths of 3.82 meter.
The Jet turbines have been mounted in the inner nacelles. leaving the outer ones as dummy's
The model was certifies (like this: A 380 certification:
before permission for display flying was given.
It is also called in some locations: Jumbolino

Enjoy Lothar's skill with passes in knee height at speed.!
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