FW450 3D RC Helicopter H1 GPS Heli Autopilot complete Review Flight Testing

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Learn to fly 3D RC Helicopters, Fly Inverted and Perform 3D Stunts on your very first flight. Yes Flying 3D RC Helicopters and learning to fly 3D RC helicopters now becomes as easy as 123 with H1 GPS Autopilot. FW450 is a 450 size 3D RC helicopter that comes ready to fly and all setup with H1 GPS Autopilot. All you need to do is charge batteries, Go Out and start flying a 3D RC Helicopter like a champ.

6 year old Flying and Doing inverted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwylNyTzf34
9 year old flying and Doing inverted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiFVJvCyj8A

Not just fly and learn to fly 3D RC Helicopter in few minutes but also You can fly inverted, perform inverted 3D stunts like backward inverted, inverted Funnels etc, and even cut grass flying 3D Helicopter inverted on your very first flight.

RTF FW450 Combo: http://tiny.cc/3218oz
BNF FW450 Combo: http://tiny.cc/d318oz
H1 GPS Helicopter Autopilot: http://tiny.cc/p318oz

H1 Autopilot on Banggood: http://tiny.cc/jzifpz
FW450 RTF 3D RC Helicopter on Banggood: http://tiny.cc/v1ifpz

The H1 helicopter flight control system is the newest state of the Art GPS Autopilot System designed for RC Helicopters. With its built-in floating IMU and double-layer damping sponge, combined with a new generation of control and IMU algorithms, anyone can easily fly RC Helicopters. Even kids can fly a 3D RC Helicopter now and perform 3D Stunts on their very first flight.
The H1 flight control system consists of a main controller (built-in floating IMU, compass and barometer) and a dual-mode GPS module. This provides a solid GPS lock hover both in Normal and inverted flight and gives beginners peace of mind that they are not going to crash the helicopter. Gives beginners plenty of time to think about their orientation and fly their 3D RC Helicopter with extreme confidence on their very first flight. Should they make a mistake, just leave sticks and Helicopter will come to a solid GPS hover.

H1 System also offers Failsafe modes. If Battery is low, if Helicopter goes out of control range, or any time Pilot flicks the Home Switch, Helicopter will Auto Return to home and land safely.

With One Switch Auto Circle Point of interest and One Switch Auto Figure 8 flight, One Switch Auto Inverted Flight and Normal Flight modes switching, Precise GPS Position in both Normal and Inverted Flight modes you can learn to fly many orientations of 3D RC helicopters just in few minutes. Experiment different flight orientations and fly with total confidence.

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