FlyWing H1 Helicopter Setup Tutorial RadioMaster TX16S Opentx Radio

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This is a detailed video tutorial How to Setup FW450 V2 H1 GPS 3D RC Helicopter PNP Version with RadioMaster TX16S OpenTx Multi-protocol radio controller. In this Video Tutorial I will take you step by step in details and show you how to configure Radio Control model in your OpenTx Multi-Protocol RadioMaster TX16S, how to bind the receiver, how to setup H1 lite GPS Autopilot in FlyWing FW450 V2 H1 GPS 3D RC helicopter, how to set all switches and parameters for various Flight modes, How to calibrate radio sticks and finally how to properly setup the pitches and 3D flight modes. So watch this video all the way.

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00:00 Intro
00:57 Receiver Choice
02:11 Radio Model Setup
06:10 Flight Mode Switches
08:10 Radio Switch Setup
10:43 Receiver Binding
12:59 H1 Software
13:59 H1 Channel Settings
14:52 Calibrations
15:18 Radio Sticks Calibration
16:54 Testing Main Channels
17:58 Setting Mid points
19:20 H1 Stick Calibration
20:34 Flight Modes Setup
24:58 Blade pitch setup
30:02 Swash Plate Level
31:36 Low Battery RTH
32:56 Conclusion

#Helicopter #Autopilot #GPS
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