Flybear FX819 Long and High Flying Beginners RC Airplane Flight Test Review

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This two channel beginner's plane just wants to fly, even at minimum throttle. With stabilization gyros, it's an easy to fly powered glider that should also be a good slope soarer. Find it here

- Two channel RC plane with stabilization gyros do a great job at minimizing roller coaster (phugoid) oscillations.
- Good range transmitter with 150 to 200 meter range.
- Very aerodynamic, takes to the air and climbs at bare minimum throttle. Should be able to fly for a very long time with its 3.7V 300mah battery.
- Easy to fly with two channel controls.

- Turns somewhat slowly as its two differential thrust motors are relatively close together. Requires a good sized field to fly.
- Although the stabilization system works well in [reventing phugoid oscillations, it is somewhat slow to prevent roll over if you turn too hard. This close positioning of the motors makes the gyros response somewhat slow to prevent rollovers.

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